We love working with a wide array of industries. These are the industries we specialize in

Medical Practices

In the healthcare industry, it’s vital to stay on top of the ever-changing regulations, requirements, and government programs. Today’s healthcare executives must meet rigorous Federal, Medicare, and Medicaid requirements while preparing for the dramatic changes promised by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

Rise Accounting can evaluate all aspects of your organization and develop a plan to maximize profit and efficiency.

Real Estate

We know that real estate investors and real estate development companies have specific accounting and tax needs. Tax laws are constantly changing requiring companies to respond quickly and plan for the future. Rise Accounting serves real estate clients helping increase efficiency, improve operations and raise their bottom line.

We develop accounting systems to improve financial reporting operations and reduce overhead.


We understand the needs of a construction company are complex and dynamic. They can be unpredictable and include managing budgets, working with various sub-contractors, and securing permits – just to name a few of the things you might be juggling.

We’re here to help you implement your strategic vision, improve operational flow and efficiencies and make the nontraditional design a profitable building reality.


E-Commerce is perhaps the most complicated of all online business models. Having the right numbers will help founders understand how the business is doing financially which will help avoid cash crunches, unwanted excess inventory, unexpected return ratios and more.

We believe that it is our job to help save your time and take care of the basic bookkeeping tasks and catch any issues as they arise.


Every day, you’re looking for ways to control costs and increase profits without sacrificing service or customer experience. In a competitive industry with ultra-slim profit margins, every tiny detail adds up. Your business must have timely and accurate financial information in order to take advantage of profit opportunities.

We understand that there’s much more to operating a successful business than just preparing technically sound financial statements. Rise Accounting will give you financial advice you need to have the competitive advantage in today’s dynamic restaurant industry.


In a constant competitive market, retail apparel, and consumer product businesses must be cautious about sustaining profitability and reducing costs. Depending on your retail industry, your business may be fairly steady throughout the year, extremely seasonal, or somewhere in between.

Rise Accounting will help you make the best financial decisions to lay the groundwork for growth and long-term success.


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